Since the beginning, we have been prominent in the construction of hotels, residential, commercial and industrial projects.

We have over 46 years of operations in Puerto Rico, and over $1.6 Billion USD of construction work to our credit.

Engineers Julio E. Vizcarrondo Jr., Milton Miró and José A. Vizcarrondo founded the Company as a corporation in 1970.  Their goal was to carry out general construction operations as a succession and independently of the real estate and project development activities handled by its predecessor, Metropolitan Builders, Inc.


In 2000, a new generation of professionals joined the team, always keeping in mind that same vision and passion that has made the Company well known and respected as one of the top building companies.

As this new breed of engineers pushes the company forward, original partners Julio E. Vizcarrondo Jr. and José A Vizcarrondo remain active and serve in the Board as key elements of continuity, providing their experience and expertise to every new project undertaken.


The most important thing we’ve learned from our lifetime of quality work is that before moving a single brick, building the perfect plan ensures a durable finished product. 


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Cosmopolitan Condominum 


Gross area: 360,468 sf

64 units

       Desarrollos Metropolitanos has provided a full spectrum of services within the building construction industry,construction and managenial expertise being their chief asset. However, first hand practical knowledge continues to prove invaluable to owners who may choose to benefit from additional services such as Pre-Construction consultancy, Design Build and Value Engineering. Its unique work system highlights the importance of people in the handling of every project.  The Company is meticulous in the selection of specialized subcontractors, and in assigning the most capable engineers to every job, according to their experience. This speaks to their belief in the importance of people in achieving the final product.


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Hotel La Concha
Hotel La Concha
Jose Santiago Food Distribution Center
Jose Santiago Food Distribution Center
Jose Santiago Food Distribution Center
Caguas Ambulatory Surgical Center
Caguas Ambulatory Surgical Center
Caguas Ambulatory Surgical Center
FedEx Cargo Building
FedEx Cargo Building
FedEx Cargo Building
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Our workmen safety policy in a priority in our jobsites.  We have partnered with our local PROHSA agency in a collaborative agreement to visit our projects on a frequent basis.  This has helped in our effort to keep up to date with new regulations, to assure that we do not miss any employee exposure and continuously improve our safety records.  Our Project Managers and Superintendents enforce a ZERO Tolerance for jobsite safety infractions and are always supported by management.  At all Desarrollos Metropolitanos’s projects, SAFETY COMES FIRST.

                                                                                                                                                    - Eng. José R. Vizcarrondo Carrión